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 I’m a tattooed, van-wearing, & milk-with-a-splash-of-coffee lover. When I'm not behind my camera, you can find me cruising around in my mustang, between shopping destinations and coffee shops. Cuddling my cozy blanket with an 80's movie on is my proudest hobby, but if you’re looking for a spontaneous road trip buddy...


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Heather Rosario

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about anchor

Random love, love, loves

  • Lightening Boltz and Disco Balls

  • Dogs

  • Cars {Classics + New}

  • Feeling understood

  • OD Green

  • Hawaii

  • Long walks and good talks

  • Belly Laughs

  • Cute hotels + Airbnbs

  • All thing coconut flavored

  • Roller Skating rink nights

  • Bowling

  • Car Jamz Sesh

  • Random Trips

  • Tight hugs

  • Love that feels like a classic song


Inspired by all things...

My style emphasizes that feeling of nostalgia. Each session is a creation of new core memories. Although i provide guidance with posing my goal is to always make it natural and quick with lots of belly laughs. My coloring gives a timeless feel to your  pictures allowing you to cherish them forever without feeling like they are out of date due to "trends". SO by the end of the session although you may not have felt comfortable infront of the camera before hand once you see the photos you will be amazed at the moments that YOU created. 

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