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  • Heather Rosario

What's the 411 on the Orlando Travel Photographer?

Updated: Apr 18

For those new to my page, I say Guten Tag (Hello)! and if you already follow my work, Thank You!

H Rosario Photography Destination Photographer in Orlando Florida

As I couldn’t do it without your support. To formally introduce myself as a Orlando Travel photographer. I want to briefly tell you, my story. It all began when I started to travel and live around the world in places like Germany and Okinawa Japan, as a military brat. From there I ventured into various countries and saw beautiful cities across Europe and the globe. It was these life changing experiences that inspired me to capture memorable moments throughout my life. My earliest exposure to photography began with a Nikon D80, my first camera! From that moment on I was taking pictures of my family as we continued to grow and make memories over the years.

Growing up I didn’t always know I wanted to be a photographer, but what I did know is how special it was to be behind a camera. It was the gift of capturing every special moment of my life. It’s the feeling of nostalgia that makes this form of art worthwhile. When I take a picture that moment in time will never fade and will stay still for us to see for years to come. As you can see from my page with my retro font, 80’s quotes, and 90’s dedications. Those all shaped me into who I am and inspired me to do what I do today.

H Rosario Photography Destination Photographer in Orlando Florida

My goal for the future of my business, H Rosario Photography, is to continue capturing special moments of your lives and revealing the beauty inside each and every one of you in various artistic ways. Creating a personal time capsule of your life! While I currently live in Orlando, FL, I would like to now say I’m based globally as there is no part of the world where I would not wish to see and capture for my clients. If a meaningful future means being reminded of the special moments of our lives, which brought us here, let me be the one to help you capture it!

Going forward I will be posting various blogs for the opportunity to know me more, receive inspiration, opportunities for mentorships, highlights from sessions, and travel tips from my adventures.

Life is a second, an image is everlasting,



Branding Session done by Emely Williams Photo

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